R&D system

        Over the years the company always adhered to the purpose of “technical innovation”, constantly kept investing on R&D. The company was devoted to set up a high grade R&D team and keep developing new products constantly by means of introducing talent, building up high level lab, buying advanced analysis instrument. 

        The company signed cooperation agreements orderly with universities and institute including Beijing University, Nanjing University, Nanjing Tech University, China Pharmaceutical University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Yangzhou University and Chinese Academy of Sciences Microbiology Institute (Fujian). With the enhanced communication with universities and institutes, the R&D capability was improved constantly. By the means of self-development as principal while technical transfer and co-development as supplement, the technical content and competitiveness of the company products were enhanced.


R&D management

        Excellent product needs powerful R&D while R&D efficiency requires strict management. During the growing, the company kept referring the international advanced idea of R&D management, and fully mixed the management standard of pharmaceutical GMP, established a rigorous, professional, pragmatic, efficient R&D team to realize the quicker and better technical innovation of existing products and development of new product.

Research team

        Since the establishment, the company has paid high attention to the reservation for talent, seriously focused on the construction of talent echelon. Persisting in the model of self-raise as principle and external-exchange as supplement, the company has an experienced and rigorous R&D team. For the time being, most of the research staff are of Bachelor degree or above, among which 9 high consultants and external experts with Doctor degree, 3 of Master degree, 20 of Bachelor degree

R&D achievement


        For years, the company consecutively put into production for 11 products of self-developed, among which several products were approved by USFDA and registered in EU. Totally the company were authorized for 9 patent of invention.


        2017 Provincial key scientific and technological achievements transformation project

        2017 Innovative talents of Provincial talent of “Mass entrepreneurship and innovation”--Doctor Zhou Yong (purity technology and waste water disposal) 


        2016 Municipal scientific and technological achievements transformation project

        2017 Leading talent of “Green Poplar Gold Phoenix”--Shen Huirong (development of Bupivacaine Base)

        2018 Leading talent of “Green Poplar Gold Phoenix”--Doctor Zhou Yong

        2018 Outstanding doctor of “Green Poplar Gold Phoenix”--Doctor Ding Jing

        2019 Innovative team of Provincial“Mass entrepreneurship and innovation”

Domestic market

Address:No. 86, Shuangshu Road, Xiannv Town, Jiangdu, Jiangsu, China

Contacts: Wang Xiaolong





Overseas market

Address: No.1, Sanjiang Road, Economic Development Zone, Jiangdu, Jiangsu

Contacts: Guo Aijun